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Imker Honig Branding Guide

Welcome to the Imker Honig Branding Guide. This document is a comprehensive resource for maintaining brand consistency across all our communications and platforms. Our branding reflects our commitment to the world of beekeeping, honey production, and the environmental consciousness that guides our mission.


Brand Colors

Our brand colors have been carefully selected to represent the warmth, reliability, and environmental focus of Imker Honig. Each color serves a specific purpose in our branding materials, creating a visually cohesive and attractive design scheme.

Primary Palette:

  • Primary (#fa4600): This vibrant orange embodies the energy and passion of our brand, reminiscent of the essence of honey.
  • Tint 1 (#ff5f19)
  • Tint 2 (#ff7933)
  • Tint 3 (#ff924c)

Secondary Palette:

  • Secondary (#efebeb): A soft, neutral shade that provides balance and versatility in design.
  • Tint 1 (#ffffff)
  • Tint 2 (#ffffff)
  • Tint 3 (#ffffff)

Tertiary Palette:

  • Tertiary (#0a375f): This deep blue reflects the depth and trustworthiness of our brand, inspired by the skies under which bees thrive.
  • Tint 1 (#305d85)
  • Tint 2 (#3d6a92)
  • Tint 3 (#5683ab)

Gray Palette:

  • Gray 1 (#352e2c)
  • Gray 2 (#7b6b65)
  • Gray 3 (#ccc8c7)
  • Gray 4 (#fdfcfc): This palette ranges from deep charcoal to nearly white, providing a foundation for our designs that emphasizes cleanliness and modernity.

Logo Usage

The Imker Honig logo is fundamental to our brand identity, symbolizing our dedication to natural, high-quality honey products. When using the logo:

  • Ensure it’s always clear and legible, with sufficient contrast against the background.
  • Maintain a buffer zone around the logo. This space should be free of text or other design elements to ensure the logo’s visibility.
  • Do not alter the logo’s color outside of the approved color palette.


Our brand typography complements our visual identity, providing clarity and elegance across all communications.

  • Primary Typeface: This is used for headings and impactful statements. It should be bold and readable, reflecting the strength of our brand.
  • Secondary Typeface: This is used for body text and descriptive content. It should be simple and legible at smaller sizes.

Imagery Style

Imker Honig’s imagery focuses on beekeeping’s natural beauty and honey’s purity. Our images should:

  • Be high-quality and in natural light whenever possible.
  • Highlight the connection between nature and our products.
  • Emphasize sustainability and our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Brand Voice

Our brand voice is warm, informative, and engaging. We aim to:

  • Educate about the benefits and importance of bees and honey.
  • Inspire action towards sustainability and environmental care.
  • Connect with our audience through shared values and interests.


This branding guide applies to all Imker Honig materials, including but not limited to:

  • Digital and print marketing materials.
  • Packaging and labels.
  • Online presence, including our website and social media channels.
  • Internal communications and presentations.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures that Imker Honig presents a unified, professional, and compelling brand identity.

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